About Passion For Cakes

Corina’s early passion for baking was helped along by her father who was a chef and her mom who always baked for special occasions. Most people are lucky to have one cake on their birthday, in Corina’s family there were always three cakes!

Long before Corina got her Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven, she and sister Sonja were baking up a storm. “I remember us creatively mixing ingredients to see what kind of cookies we would end up with.” The switch from dabbling to dedicated took place over time, fed by Corina’s growing passion for creating marvelous cakes that delight the senses.

A Canvas for Cake

Professionally, Corina combined her creative talent and passion for design into a career in the design, advertising and technology fields. After studying at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver and earning her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, she lived and worked in Vancouver, Lake Louise, Calgary, Toronto, and New York and went on to become the President for a Technology Company. Corina currently resides in Victoria BC, on Vancouver Island, where she is usually found baking or designing her next creation.

Corina Ludwig
Creating Cakes for any Occasion

Corina works with you to create a custom cake. In the same way that a painter would sit with you to discuss your portrait or an interior designer would ask you to share your favorite colors, hopes, dreams and needs, Corina creates cakes that combine her artistic expression with your vision.

It starts with a dream—and sometimes a color scheme! You’re interested in truffles, rose petals and mini-cupcakes? Your wedding colors are robin’s egg blue and brown? Your husband loves lemon but you love chocolate? Over the years Corina has crafted and baked beautiful specialty wedding cakes, special themed birthday cakes, and celebration cakes of all kinds and flavors. Meet a baker who can meet your needs while surpassing your grandest dream of what a cake can be.

Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party, the launch of a new business or a special themed event — Corina will bring your cake vision to life.

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Making bakeable dreams come true…