Cindy Leigh

The cake was fabulous. Paris (along with all the other kids) loved it. You have an amazing talent. I have shared the photo of your cake with many people. I would definitely refer you and order more cakes from you. You can’t improve on perfection.

Jody Large

Corina…”WOW” – What a cake..It looked so real, we had to tell everyone you could really eat it. It was AMAZING, and the taste…..”FANTASTIC”. Thanks again for adding to our celebration …..

Sage Wolfe

WOW, now you have out done yourself woman, that is crazy amazing!!!!!

Graham Debling

Many, many thanks for the wonderful birthday cake. It looked and tasted fantastic (as ever).

Charlotte Hunter

Corina, always on the cutting edge of creativity. You definitely think and bake outside the box! Love the whole buffet-pop idea. Charlotte

Katie McLaughlin

Ladies and Gents, this cake was not only GORGEOUS but it tasted incredible. All of the guests at the wedding were in awe of the ornate design, the detail, and everyone enjoyed the taste. Well done, Corina!

Scott & Tiffany

When Scott and I walked into our reception and finally saw our cake we were floored! It was more beautiful and more stunning than we could have hoped for! Corina went over and beyond our expectations with our cake and made it so easy for our vision to come to life. The only thing that made it even better was the cake tasted as amazing as it looked! Thank you Corina for everything start to finish! We can’t wait to order a carrot cake from you next! YUM!

Jannine Rossi

Truly a work of art! Amazing work Corina!

Isabel Harriott

Marshfellow Cake….Cool name….Downright adorable and sounds incredibly delicious!! Also, I predict that the gorgeous professional pictures that you take of all your masterpieces will appear in a culinary magazine someday. Outstanding. I think I should become your agent. 🙂

Merrill Livesey

What a fabulous skill you have. We oowed. We awed. We ate. Thanks.

Bonney King

This is awesome Corina! Needless to say, the cake was the “hit” of the party!! Anyway, everyone loved it and many thanks again for all your hard work and artistry. We all appreciated it.

Sharon Thompson

WoW!!! beautiful cake

Jacquie Henning

Absolutely LOVE it! Paris must have been thrilled. The decorations are amazing.


Thank you Corina. The cake was stunning and tasted wonderful. You have a real talent.

Teresa Bryla

I am Ashley’s mom and I want you to know how INCREDIBLE your work was in putting together this beautiful dessert table – it was more than we could have ever hoped for or imagined, all of our guests too were in awe! Your passion shows and thank you for your artistry, it was truly one of the highlights of an amazing day!


Thank you Corina for making this cake for us. It was probably the most special thing we could have ever given Richard. Your attention to detail was unbelievable. Everyone was impressed. You are a true artist!

Russ Hotsenpiller

We were at a Christmas party this year and our friends started talking about our wedding cake! It’s been three years since the wedding and people are still talking about how amazing the cake was.

Ruth Topartzer

WOW!!!!!!!! Corina, all your cakes are awesome but this one blows my mind. One question…how do you transport it?

Jacquie Arnatt


Friend of Kimberly Edgson

Um… I am pretty sure this cake has heroin in it… cause NOTHING is supposed to taste THIS GOOD!


Absolutely fabulous cake. Couldn’t have been tastier or more in theme with the event.

Veronica Varhaug

Wow! You continue to amaze me with your creations! Thanks for sharing.

Jen Newman

Stunning, wow!!

Jen Neuman

Seriously, did you do all of those figures by hand?

Ana Kraft

I am speechless…incredible.

Jacquie Arnatt

Breathtaking! I am so lucky to have experienced your wonderful cakes, time and again. Will recommend you to everyone.

Margarete Rothlisberger

It was just an amazing birthday surprise cake, just each piece melted in your mouth.


This is a fabulous cake, so tasty. I liked the dense, moist chocolate and the luscious filling. Mmmm good. Thank you Passion For Cakes for doing this custom cake for my 80th birthday. I am one happy paddler.

Karen Keveryga

I am very confident someday I will see your cake(s) on the cover of a magazine. They are simply incredible!!!!!

Kimberly Jones

Corina was a pleasure to work with and above and beyond professional and on the ball! We worked with so many talented folks in creating our big day & Corina was just a dream. Her talents speak for themselves and the cake was delicious and then some!

Jeanene Welsh

WOW….it looks to real too eat !

Charissa & Kristjan

The cake was phenomenal! It was a hit with everyone–our guests kept telling us how unique the design was and almost more important than that they told us how extraordinarily delicious it was! Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm! Our wedding cake was an absolute dream come true. Many, many thanks.

Joanie Campbell
regular customer

Are you kidding me? That’s incredible! She could make miiiiiiillions making cakes like that!

Veronique da Silva Photography

WOW! I simply wanted to let you know that the “Diana” cake you created for the Low Fidelity opening ceremony at the Luz gallery was beyond amazing! Great work!

Richard Paquette

This is actually an edible cake, and a fantastic work of art created for my retirement event. Corina is a very very talented pro.

Margaret Odishaw

Thank you, for sharing your incredible works of art. I have been telling everyone about you. Fantastic work and creativity in making peoples dreams become cakes on their table.

Jeanette McKendry Missinne

Wow Corina what an amazing tree. Beautiful.

Nina Simosko

Corina – You are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!

Lisa Chambers

Your cake was stunning…..and so delicious. Everyone was raving about it! Thank you for my own personal cake! That was so thoughtful, generous and very much enjoyed. The one word that comes to mind for feedback is perfection! From the moment I first reached out to you and all the way through you were responsive, warm and detailed. Your artistry is amazing and your cakes are some of the best I’ve ever had.

Laika & Jay

Thank you so much for making our day so special with your amazing creation! It was so sad cutting into it after all your hard work and special little details! Boy, was it worth it though because it was delicious! THANK YOU!

Charissa Heagy

WOW! Thank you so much for my beautiful bridal shower cake! I was so surprised and so very excited when I saw it! The cake was delicious and absolutely beautiful–amazing.

Michelle Jones

Holy cow girl. This is your calling. You are amazing.

Susan Simosko

What a knock out this one is!!!! Wow. I bet Sammy and his family were just overwhelmed!

Dee Kennedy

Very creative – I love it!!

Rhea Cavelti

I LOVED my cake!!


This cake was unbelievably gorgeous! The pics do not do it justice!! The flavor was terrific, too! Well Done!!

Silvana Bhondi

Not only was the cake beautiful but it was also delicious. Thank you helping in making Alex’s 1st birthday even more special.

Sarah & Ryan

Corina, your cake was gorgeous and delicious. It absolutely surpassed our expectations. We’ve had so many compliments and expressions of disbelief that what you created is even possible. One of our guests who is NOT a dessert person at all, ate two pieces of the banana cake and then more the next day.

Patrick & Alyssa

Every dad wants to give his daughter the best birthday party ever. This mouthwatering cake and the look on Alyssa’s face when she saw it was priceless! Thank you Corina!!


This was an awesome cake – tasted as good as it looked, and very realistic for those of us who have been wearing runners for years! thanks so much for making our 50th celebration memorable.

Niki Matsumoto

This cake is unbelievable!


Cake was FANTASTIC! So yummy!! Couldn’t have asked for anything better. You would give the CAKE BOSS a run for his money. Thanks Corina.

Susan Simosko

Egad, Corina!!!!! This seems about as impossible as the NYC skyline. Just amazing!!!!!


Corina, The cake was fabulous!!! You far exceeded my expectations. It was the talk of the party!! Thank you so much!!

Jennie Dixon

Could you BE more talented?? HELLO! This is fabulous. 🙂


As one of the event coordinators for Danita’s retirement party, I can say that working with Corina to realize our vision was effortless and very professional. Not only were the details precise (right down to the bikini and hair highlights), the cake was delicious. The guest of honour was thrilled with her special cake. Great job, Corina! 🙂

Cathy Thomas

This cake was spectacular and the centre piece I was looking for. Everyone was amazed it was an edible cake. It was more than edible … it was the best cake I have ever had. Lots of people had seconds and there was nothing left over. I highly recommend this hazelnut cream cake …it was super yummy.


Just adorable!!

Rhys Wolfe

It’s jaw dropping

Amanda Warkentin
business owner

That is unbelievable.

Amanda Maslany

I love them! Cheryl had told me about your legendary cakes. Thanks for putting me on your list!

Susan Simosko

Dear Corina, Thank you so much for my extraordinary birthday cake! Graham and I cannot thank you enough. Not only was it an amazing work of art, it was just delicious. Our guests are still raving about it. Thank you for helping to make my birthday party so special. How many people receive such an amazing radio for their birthday that they can also eat? Just amazing! Hugs and thanks again, Susan

Anna Wolfe

Corina the cakes are amazing and look like they tasted fantastic, good work!


This is absolutely beautiful! Wonderful job.

Celia Weeks

This is the cutest cake I’ve ever seen. YOU…are amazingly talented.


Her genuine passion and attention to detail truly shined in delivering a truly memorable experience! She went above and beyond in making us feel special.

Jamieson Dunlop

Gorgeous, and low-cal yes? ;o)Mmmm, mocha-licious.

Tina Henderson

Corina your cakes and creativity are truly amazing. We will be doing business together in the very near future.


Just wanted to thank you once again for such a FABULOUS cake. I got exactly the reaction I was hoping for from friends and family! AND, it was absolutely DELICIOUS!! Actually, it still is – I’ve frozen some of it – there was just way too much of a good thing to eat it all at once.

Elissa Law

Thank-you, Corina so so so so so so much again for the fabulous and extraordinary tasty cake!!! I shared it with my “A Morning show” co-workers and my family. The result: No one could really talk because it was so delicious!!

Charlotte Hunter

Wow Corina. You could almost fool the people at the bank into thinking this cake was worth a few gold bars! Loved your gallery. Charlotte

Amber Knight

WOW – your cakes are simply AMAZING!

Charlotte Hunter

All I can say is WOW!. Such an amazing talent you have Corina.

Susan Simosko

Thank you for the most wonderful of birthday cakes! I don’t know how you do it–to make something so incredibly imaginative that also tastes so incredibly delicious! Not only were Graham and I overjoyed with your creation, our guests are still talking about it! So thank you again for adding so much to the happiest of birthday celebrations. 1942 never looked (or tasted) so good! Lots of love, Susan

Deb McDonald

Eternal thanks, Corina! Your cake was absolutely splendid–it looked beautiful and tasted wonderful. People got more pictures of the cake than they did of us…and we were the bride & groom, for cryin’ out loud! Best of luck always.

Margaret Odishaw

Thank you, for the fabulous cake, it was a big hit, Carmen was thrilled and could not believe the workmanship that you put into the cake and the design. I am totally impressed with your work and mostly I am so thankful that you made my bringing the cake such an event.

Jacquie Henning

Fantastic! What a great concept.

Nicki MacKenzie

Not only was this cake spectacular to behold in person, but the taste-AHmazing!! I was just posting to FB that I was craving that cake!!

Kelly Wilson

Was a FANTASTIC cake!

Dawn Hildebrand

The creativeness and attention to detail were impeccable! What an amazing artist and so easy to work with!

Christine Lamere

That’s a wicked cool cake, texture and everything. How long do these take you and how the heck do you build 3-D cakes?? You still amaze me.

Jeremie White

Corina we are huge fans of your work – stunning! Our boys, Ben and Riley loved these Bee Movie birthday cakes. You have done PEANUT-FREE cakes every year for us: Little Star, Batman, Incredibles and this year’s Madagascar theme. Thank you so much.

Karen Speirs

Fantastic! I love seeing your cakes! I’m afraid to show them to my kids, because they’ll be demanding one just like yours! Cheers


This is an amazing work of art!


Corina – this one is AMAZING – you really outdid even you! It must have taken you for ever to do!

Sera & Sebastien

We (and all our guests) thought the cake was absolutely Fabulous!! The decorating was unique and fun, but the cake itself was delicious! Corina was professional and easy to work with, and the cake was to die for! Our only regret is that we can’t eat more until our anniversary!

Diana Kretschmer

Our elegant white, red and gold wedding cake and cakelets were truly a masterpiece. Not only did Corina go above and beyond to help us find the perfect gold platter to complete the look, she masterfully merged both my groom and my visions of our wedding cake into one. The details were beautifully executed and the flavour was by far the best red velvet either of us have ever tasted. My groom says he had never before eaten fondant that he considered delicious.  The cakelets were a beautiful alternative to the traditional cupcake and I only wish we had more.

Shirley Smith

Absolutely stunning and so pretty! And delicious too. Corina had so much detail in the desserts and it was made exactly to order for my daughter’s wedding at Hatley Castle. Her first look…. tears of happiness to her eyes as it was her vision brought to reality! Thank you Corina for being part of such a special day.

Jeremie & Jeanene

In the pursuit of putting on the best birthday party possible, your cakes are a key ingredient. The other parents and kids are always blown away!

Helen Walker

LOST FOR WORDS!!! How on earth could anyone cut into this? It’s also pretty large. I think we should have a picture of you thrown in as an added bonus with each of your creations. Just a thought from an admirer. Even Ed turned to look at this when I gasped out loud!

Jacquie Arnatt

The gingerbread cake is really awesome. So cute. Thanks for helping the Park Royal team. You really have the best cakes, ever!

Sonja Martins

Those white lilies on the cake are handmade???? Unbelievable.

Jennie Haines

Soooo cute. You are super talented Corina.

David Harding

Nicole and I were just doing a Gmail search and  this email chain popped up.  We both said “oh that was the best cake!!” Thank you for all of your talent and even two years out we still continue to crave your cake.  I wish we lived closer! 

Margaret Odishaw

You brighten my world, thank you. You never cease to amaze me in your creative talent and design. Cheers

Paul Taylor

WOW! Thank you. I am so impressed with your cake making; you’re very talented. When I saw it I was absolutely shocked, I showed my parents what was left and the pictures they couldn’t believe it either.

Danita Ouellette

My retirement cake was totally AWESOME!! Corina did an amazing job of showing my husband and I on the beach at the end of the runway in Saint Maarten where the BIG jets fly really low over the beach as they come in to land! Our bathing suits are identical to the ones we were wearing in a picture provided to her. Thank you SOOOO much!

Amelia (Ireland) Roy

Thank you, Corina! The cake and cakeletts were not only delicious but perfectly decorated and presented … all of our guests raved! You took great care of us all the way through the process!

Jill Tulloch

Hey Corina! I CANNOT get over that cake that you made! I always knew that you were very artistic and talented but that blew my mind!

Vanessa Watters

I could not have imagined how perfect the finished product would be when I ordered my sister’s baby shower cake. I felt completely understood by Corina and she created something above and beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you Corina, you have my vote for life!


We all loved this cake and Mavis was thrilled – not only a beautiful cake with its little yellow flowers, but so delicious too, we ate the whole thing that evening!

Kelly Wilson

This cake was sooo perfect. It truly was “All things Laura”. She was so surprised and it just added to a great day.

Margaret Odishaw

These are awesome, you never cease to amaze me. Cheers and keep those creative little treats coming, so few calories when I just view and don’t taste.

Mary-Lynn Bellamy-Willms

Incredible! So unique just….WOW!

Virginia Boggie

The cake was magic. The client absolutely loved it. You’re the best!

Marci and Russ and Archer

I saw this cake on the table at the shower and thought it was a gift!! (“Yay, someone brought Archie a stuffed Curious George.”) Corina, thanks for making his baby shower truly fun, and wowing all the guests. And the cake itself? Deliciously chocolatey peanut buttery!! A shame to eat–but SO GOOD!


SUCH an AWESOME cake!!! Well Done!!

Michael & Esther McLean

This was a sophisticated and artistic interpretation of the wedding invitations. Working with you was fun and exciting. You achieved ‘stunning’ and ‘delicious’ all in one. It exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

Vanessa Watters

You are amazing and everyone was OVER THE MOON! I can’t thank you enough and I only wish I had a video camera handy to record how appreciative everyone was. They were just thrilled as was I and oh my goodness you are a wonderful human!

Melia Walker

What can I say, Corina was one of our favorite vendors to work with for our wedding. Not only are her cakes beautiful to look at they are the best tasting cake either of us have ever had! The night before my wedding I was excited to get married, and almost equally excited to have a piece of cake! The cake was super moist, we were eating it 5 days later and it was still just as delicious as the day we cut into it! I would definitely recommend Corina to any, and can’t wait to work with her again 🙂

Kevin House

Wow wow wow! You go girl. I see a book in the works here. Awesome work Corina, good to see you’re still at it. You must have one huge kitchen. Do you have staff to help out? Martha should be worried…Thanks for sharing, now I’m hungry…

Riley White

Corina, I loved my cake. All my friends agreed that it was yummy and looked awesome!


Awesome! You did a great job :0)

Ivan Meade

The cake was not just fun – It was delicious. The presentation was impeccable.

Darren Warner

Brilliant job, amazing cake, thanks so much! The attention to detail, the stitching and leather texture were uncanny, it looked like I could have slipped it on like a real shoe.