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Heflin House Warming & 10th Anniversary Cake Laika & Jay - Victoria, British Columbia
Thank you so much for making our day so special with your amazing creation! It was so sad cutting into it after all your hard work and special little details! Boy, was it worth it though because it was delicious! THANK YOU!

Fall Wedding Cake Jane - Santa Monica, CA
Thank you Corina. The cake was stunning and tasted wonderful. You have a real talent.

Nikon D7000 Camera Cake Melinda - Sidney, BC
Thank you Corina for making this cake for us. It was probably the most special thing we could have ever given Richard. Your attention to detail was unbelievable. Everyone was impressed. You are a true artist!

Canucks Playoff Cake Nicki - Campbell River
SUCH an AWESOME cake!!! Well Done!!

Ruffled Pops Wedding Cake Jen Neuman - Vancouver
Stunning, wow!!

Damask Bling Wedding Cake Nicki MacKenzie - Campbell River, BC
Not only was this cake spectacular to behold in person, but the taste-AHmazing!! I was just posting to FB that I was craving that cake!!

Little Chicken Cake Silvana Bhondi - Victoria, British Columbia
Not only was the cake beautiful but it was also delicious. Thank you helping in making Alex's 1st birthday even more special

******************St.Martin Beach Cake Danita Ouellette - Sidney, BC
My retirement cake was totally AWESOME!! Corina did an amazing job of showing my husband and I on the beach at the end of the runway in Saint Maarten where the BIG jets fly really low over the beach as they come in to land! Our bathing suits are identical to the ones we were wearing in a picture provided to her. Thank you SOOOO much! The cake was one of the big highlights of my retirement party!! It was absolutely delicious, too!!

Orchid Garden Cake Graham Debling - Victoria, British Columbia
Many, many thanks for the wonderful birthday cake. It looked and tasted fantastic (as ever).

Damask Bling Wedding Cake Katie McLaughlin - Victoria
Ladies and Gents, this cake was not only GORGEOUS but it tasted incredible. All of the guests at the wedding were in awe of the ornate design, the detail, and everyone enjoyed the taste. Well done, Corina!


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